Why Focusing on Your Whole Self is so Important


Why focusing on your Whole Self  is so important:


The idea behind holism is that we are more than the sum of our parts. This is because to be whole means that each part of us cannot exist without the other. The mind, body and spirit are all interconnected.

Our mind helps us to interpret the world we live in and directs the body in how to respond to what we encounter. Our body is the vehicle we use to move through the world and helps to navigate our lives. Our spirit is the creative energy that gives life to the body and feeds those perceptions behind the mind that determine what we feel is meaningful.

Since everything is connected we can feel less stressed and more balanced if we are aware of each part of ourselves. When we forget about what’s meaningful in our lives we can fall into uncomfortable feelings that affect how our body feels. Difficult emotions over time cause physical distress and pain in the body. If we don’t listen to what our body needs we can fall into negative patterns that can make us feel bad physically and creates more distressing emotions. Emotional stress can also cause the mind to create too many negative thoughts that then influence how our body feels both emotionally and physically. It’s a viscous circle.

The good news is that even if we take only a few minutes paying attention to what we need in one area it will positively affect all the others. Change your thoughts and your emotions will shift. Work on relaxing your body and your thoughts and emotions will calm. Settling down the mind or the body can clear the way to experiencing more of what is meaningful to you. Feeling more connected to your meaningful spirit keeps you mind and body calm and in better function.

No matter where you introduce a positive change it will affect how you think and feel. Here at the Whole Self we intend to offer a variety of options for you to choose from. Try a Coaching Class to shift your thinking or Counseling to work with emotional difficulty. Shift a sabotaging habit with Hypnotherapy or Personal Coaching. Explore your spiritual side by getting an Intuitive Reading, Reiki or Holistic Counseling. Relax your body with Massage, Shiatsu or a Reiki session.

Come and explore your Whole Self to feel better and find more balance in your life.