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Personal Coaching:

Is a process that provides support and guidance toward a new goal when your starting point is stable and on acceptable neutral ground. A client works with a coach to clarify goals, identifying obstacles to success and create action plans to achieved desired results.

Coaching Classes:

This is a team approach to coaching. Classes are available both in person and online. See Calendar for up coming schedule. If you don’t find a time that works contact me to find out about other options.

Mental Health Counseling:

Uses Talk Therapy to move you forward from a hardship or crisis to a level of function you are used to when things are stable. A client will work on processing feelings, building coping skills and problem solving strategies.

Holistic Counseling:

Uses a specific kind of talk therapy that in addition to looking at life experiences also takes the whole person of mind, body and spirit into consideration for assessment and treatment.

Expressive Art Therapy:

Combines the creative process with psychotherapy by using art to connect with negative, painful or repressed emotion.  The technique gives a creative vehicle not only release emotions but also to create a new more positive outlook. You don’t have to think of yourself as an artist to benefit from this process.


The Growing The Whole Way system is available for both

Coaching and Counseling

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