Growing The Whole Way

What you can expect

This process is divided into three phases. As a tree grows from the ground up, your personal journey will too. It’s important to not only understand where you are but also where you have been in order to be prepared to face what comes next. In each phase you         will be gaining important knowledge to help you overcome future challenges and bring                                                      in more of what you want out of life.                                              __________________________________

In this workbook you will find a detailed guide for your growth experience that brings together your mind, body and spirit. By doing this you will be able to make healthier more meaningful decisions and have a greater knowledge base to solve problems that come up. Your mind is a powerful assessment tool that communicates with your body constantly. Learning how to listen to that dialogue is the key to unlocking your inner wisdom.

Once inside you can then begin to understand your spiritual nature, the creative energy behind all that you are and all that you do. From this inner place you have the power to see what is truly important to you. This makes acting on it less difficult because there is less running around in trial and error circles.  You instinctively think bigger which makes the problems that come up seem smaller and more manageable. You also move ahead more efficiently because you are in tune with your needs and take better care of yourself. Overall, the path to the goal naturally becomes more peaceful because you can see more clearly and you are acting on what you know is best for you.

This book will allow you to create your own personal plan toward a goal that is truly meaningful for you. Uncovering that meaningful goal means taking some time to ask yourself what you really want. It may sound like a simple question but when thinking in terms of your inner wisdom it will take some time to verify what is really true for you. If you don’t take the time to understand why you want something you may be quick to take steps that lead you in the wrong direction. Self-awareness is really important to creating a meaningful goal and plan.

The program is designed to help you think bigger so that you can be confident in what you decide and have a way to determine what to do next. Each question in the first two sections will lead you to specific information that will be a part of either Your Profile which is where you write down your inner wisdom or Your Action Plan which is where you organize your goal and the things you need to support yourself as you get there. Taking the extra time in the beginning to set up will help you be much more efficient and save a lot of time in the action phase.

What you get out of this work will be up to you and what you put into it. The art of thinking bigger takes some practice in looking at things from a different perspective. Throughout the book I will be introducing key concepts that will help you understand more about your inner self. Deep down you have all the wisdom you need to heal and create a meaningful life. How you see and interact with your everyday world starts with how you perceive yourself and your place in it. Perceptions can either help increase your inner wisdom or keep you clouded in fearful assumptions.

The key concepts in this book will help you navigate those perceptions so that you can explore what makes the most sense for you. Shifting a perception into something realistic and positive can shift how you experience your everyday for the better. Shift a perception on the inside and you change your reality on the outside.

This book is divided into 3 phases complete with the tools you will need to support your process and a follow up plan with tips to help on those days when things don’t go according to plan.

Phase 1:

Your Roots

This phase will explore where your energy is going in your current experience. You will look at 10 major areas of your life to get clear on how you’re spending time and explore what you have taken on as responsibilities. You will also look at what is working for you and what is depleting you. This bird’s eye view of information will then be used to formulate your Strengths in your Profile and create a base for your Overall Goals in your Action Plan.

Phase 2:

Your Trunk

The second phase will explore what happened in your past and how that has shaped your life as you know it now. You will look at those pivotal times both good and bad that changed you in some way. Since you are here there is evidence that you have succeeded many things and with that gained much knowledge. In looking at your past experiences you will be able to determine what worked and use that knowledge again to move forward. You will also look at negative habits that may have developed which get in the way of change now. Information gathered here will be divided into two sections. Your wisdom and strengths will go into your Profile to be used as a reference point later during tough times. Your negative unproductive habits will go into your Action Plan either as your Intended Goal or as part the internal Supportive Goals necessary to get where you want to go.

Phase 3:

Your Crown

In phase three you put it all together and get going toward your goal. All the background work of organizing what you know about yourself is really going to pay off now because it gives you a clear solid place from which to push off. This self-awareness has just increased your success rate dramatically and saved yourself from wasting time on things that can be avoided by being proactive.

The work here will be about developing a comprehensive plan that addresses your whole self so that you arrive where you really want and that you have the skills and supports to maintain yourself when you get there.

Working with the whole self is to actively engaging the Mind, the Body and the Spirit. This means utilizing what you know, what you are able to do in your reality and what your creative spirit points to for meaningful next steps. You will then put together the tools you will need to meet your goal and support yourself in the process.

When the process is completed you will have:

  • A solid big picture view of what works and what needs changing in your life.
  • A comprehensive list of key concepts that will help you to think bigger and provide a new perspective when facing problems that come up.
  • A Profile that outlines your experience based inner wisdom and strengths.
  • An organized list of Overall Goals with an Internal Mission that clarifies your motivations.
  • An Action Plan that covers your Intended Goal and any Supportive Goals that need attention to be successful with what you want.

You will also have a personalized tools that will help keep you on track:

  1. A 3D TO DO List to help navigate daily tasks from the whole person perspective.
  2. A Compass to show you whether you are moving toward or away from your goal.
  3. A Backup Plan with specific tips to help when things don’t go as expected.
  4. Tips For Tough Times is a general guide and creative ideas to help navigate difficult days.